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1 single 3d scan,
infinite possibilities

3d scanned options texture photogrammetry mesh cad

kitCAD3d offers modular (a-la-carte) options for 3d scanning to suit different needs and budgets. all it takes is one 3d scan to benefit from infinite possibilities.

at its most fundamental, you may choose to simply have the 3d scan result. this would be a mesh format, likely .stl.

add texture
should you wish to add texture, there are 2 options, namely colour texture and photogrammetry.

it’s evident that both colour texture & photogrammetry can really liven up a 3d scan model. what’s far less obvious is that colour texture can serve another very practical function.

in fact, colour texture is incredibly useful for capturing precise locations of very fine details whose geometry cannot be captured by the 3d. this really helps for time- & cost-efficient mesh reconstruction and reverse engineering.

keep geometry
when maintaining geometry (as opposed to geometry modification) is required, mesh reconstruction could be a valuable add-on especially when components have certain hard-to capture details.

kitCAD3d is able to reconstruct the mesh without having to reverse engineer the entire object. this is advantageous as reverse engineering generally takes a much longer time and thus costs more.

reverse engineering would be the alternative to mesh reconstruction. reverse engineering can offer the best of both worlds - precision 3d scanning combined with manual precision inspection. note that the process of reverse engineering is generally longer as every single surface of the component is reconstructed.

to satisfy exacting engineering requirements, especially where mating components are involved, tight tolerances may be needed in order to ensure a fully functional assembly of the implicated components. this is where deviation analysis is carried out in tandem to ensure that the specified tolerance is met.

modify geometry
geometry modification can be achieved directly from 3d scan mesh, or from CAD modification post-reverse engineering. adding a handle to enable better grip for a bottle cap would be a common example of geometry modification.

as in mesh reconstruction, mesh modification is generally faster and costs less than reverse engineering. alternatively, CAD modification would see a reverse engineered cad model through dimensional adjustments and/or addition of geometric features.

where precision matters, CAD modification would ultimately be much more precise than mesh reconstruction.

finally, kitCAD3d always recommends the most economical choice that satisfies our customer needs. there is no need to over-engineer a simple 3d mesh if there is no practical use for it presently. should there be a need for that in the future, the 3d mesh can be adjusted accordingly in due time.

kitCAD3d’s artec leo 3d scanner is up to 0.1mm accuracy and its superior tracking ability eliminates the need for target stickers. artec leo’s agility allows it to weave through narrow areas efficiently as it is cable-free, handheld, and isn’t tethered to the computer. it is no wonder that artec leo is used & trusted by many in heavy industries as well as entertainment.

artec 3d scanner brand originates from the EU & likewise its scanners are made in the EU.