metaverse & digital twin

into the metaverse & digital twin

how can you quickly transition into the metaverse and take advantage of the benefits it has to offer? our 3d scanning generally takes under 5 minutes, meaning that modeling no longer has to take days or even weeks.

digital twin is applicable on a micro scale as well as macro. but what is digital twin? digital twin is a physical object that is represented digitally; it is literally a rendering of the physical world. there are numerous practical applications that already exist which explains why many more individuals and businesses are embracing this technology.

a bmw factory located in Regensburg, Germany has an exact 3d replica. the physical factory manufactures hundreds of thousands of cars annually. the 3d factory, accessed by a screen or vr (virtual reality) headset, tests and modifies parts of the assembly line.

this eliminates the need to physically move heavy, bulky machinery. bmw estimates that this technology will reduce the time it takes to plan out factory operations by at least 25%

significant cost reduction is possible because working virtually meant that off-site collaborators no longer need to be physically present. also, simulations can be done rapidly and with very little to no cost.

when physical travel has become extremely restricted, a digital twin of a shop or a gallery can be easily & rapidly constructed using 3d scanning. there is no more jetlag, no geographical boundaries to contend with as everything can be accessed & experienced virtually at any time.

the American national football league (nfl) has spearheaded the creation of a digital athlete aimed at reducing injuries & health risks. historical & current data gathered are fed into artificial intelligence (ai) & machine learning to garner information about player safety & treatment.

medical applications
Fetal Heart VR is created specifically for remote medical teams that have no access to onsite training/specialists. this technology enables knowledge transfer to save the lives of baby at a fraction of the cost and time. normal & abnormal beating fetal hearts used in the vr were reconstructed using real-life scans.

urban planning
a replica of 40 square miles of Florida city is being created that will be used to study impacts of various implementations such as a rail system, 5g networks, climate change, and more.

kitCAD3d’s artec leo 3d scanner empowers individuals and industries to transition into the metaverse with significant time savings as well as cost. its up to 0.1mm accuracy and its superior tracking ability eliminate the need for target stickers. artec leo’s agility allows it to weave through narrow areas efficiently as it is cable-free, handheld, and isn’t tethered to the computer. it is no wonder that artec leo is used & trusted by many in heavy industries as well as entertainment. artec brand originates from the EU & scanners are made in the EU.

artec brand originates from the EU & its scanners are made in the EU.

opt simply for the 3d mesh model, 3d cad model, or add colour texture or even photogrammetry for an output that is indiscernible from the real object. now, augmented reality (ar), virtual reality (vr), mixed reality (xr) are within easy reach. computer generated imagery (cgi), avatar creation, face 3d scan, body 3d scan, game asset, & 3d asset can be easily & rapidly created.