hand drill 3d scan reverse engineered redesigned
button to interact

interactive 3d scan model

1 scan

3d scan

all you need is one 3d scan

infinite production

infinite modification

infinite shelf life

rapid custom

jasa 3d scan

custom 3d models & products

make the unavailable available

it takes less than 5 mins

industrial manufacturing

industrial manufacturing

local & global manufacturing

share 3d scan data anywhere

jakarta, bogor, depok, tangerang, bekasi

indonesia, asia, europe, u.s.

spare part

you're unable to get
a crucial spare part

a missing spare part need not retire your workhorse. you've invested so much, naturally you want to ensure its longevity


rapid prototyping

you need quick iterations for your product

custom component

reverse engineer if you need custom component

you have a different workflow and need your component to match. we can help with reverse engineering.

quality control

quality control via
deviation analysis

rapid, precise quality inspection
precision up to 0.1mm

3d digitizing

3d digitizing preserves
object, data, texture

valuable spare part
precious collectibles
priceless artwork
can last forever

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