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easily preserve & showcase valuable items

llama 3d scanned sculpture

who we worked with
our client in jakarta has a number of precious collectibles, some of which are veritable antiques. one such item is a gorgeous solid bronze sculpture.

the objective
the client is keen to preserve (with precision) the geometry of the sculpture so that future reproduction can be easily done regardless of the size and material. the client would also like to capture the colour texture of the sculpture so that it can be easily showcased virtually.

the strategy
3d scan using kitCAD3d’s industrial-grade artec leo to capture geometry and colour texture in 1 scan.

the results
scan time:

benefits beyond client’s objectives
unlike physical objects, 3d data can be stored indefinitely. long gone are the days when people worried about damaged floppy disks. precious objects may succumb to theft, damage, and loss. conversely, 3d models can live with hardly any such threat in the ar (augmented reality), vr (virtual reality), mr (mixed reality) universe. as such, 3d scanning can be viewed to be a protection insurance against total destruction/loss of valuable objects.

in addition, 3d data can be used infinitely without any data deterioration - reproduce 1x, or reproduce 1,000,000x. likewise, 3d data can be modified infinitely.

kitCAD3d’s 3d scanner
kitCAD3d’s artec leo 3d scanner empowers individuals and industries to transition into the metaverse with significant cost & time savings. its up to 0.1mm accuracy and its superior tracking ability eliminate the need for target stickers. artec leo’s agility allows it to weave through narrow areas efficiently as it is cable-free, handheld, and isn’t tethered to the computer. it is no wonder that artec leo is used & trusted by many in heavy industries as well as entertainment.

artec 3d scanner brand originates from the EU & likewise its scanners are made in the EU.