thin objects

technically-challenging 3d scan
- thin objects

why is 3d scanning thin objects challenging?
why are most 3d scanners incapable of performing this task?

preserve & showcase

easily preserve & showcase valuable items

geometry & colour texture
in a single rapid scan session

custom 3d models products
easy, rapid custom 3d models

how to get what you want/need when it's not available

into the metaverse & digital twin universe

how quickly can you transition into the metaverse & reap its benefits?

3d scan for qc

3d scan for quality control

how to rapidly
conduct quality inspection
with up to 0.1mm precision

1 scan, infinite possibilities

1 single 3d scan,
infinite possibilities

3d scanning's modular options
spend smart, only pay for what you need

7 factors scan presicion

7 factors affection 3d scan precision

know before 3d scanning

3d scan for volume & weight
3d scan for volume & weight

how to calculate weight & volume of a magnified object

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